Shisha Recipes

Shisha Recipes

There are a lot of recipes out on the internet, below are a few that we have tried and loved so check the out. Don’t be afraid to experiment also check out hints and tips page for more info on how to enhance your smoke.


The base is filled with 3/4 of frozen Coca-Cola and with 1/4 of lemon juice plus 2 slices of lemon. Fill the bowl with Cola tobacco.

Lemon Refresher

Prepare fresh squeezed lemon juice and pour it into the base. It is highly recommended to fill up your base with some ice, to make it cold and fresh.

The freshness and angriness of the lemon will never cease to surprise you.


Fill up the vase with some frozen water and throw inside 10-15 very thin lemon slices. Then mix it up a little.

Fill the bowl up with a 1/3 of mint tobacco and 2/3’s of double apple. It’s very important to mix the tobacco really well inside the bowl.

Light it up and put some Bob Marley on.


This is for those who have any xxx (Mint sweets) lying around the house and you don’t know what to do with them.

Fill up the base with normal water and put a few xxx’s inside the base (you can put as many as you want).

Inside the bowl place some mint tobacco. Just light it up and you know the rest.

Been Tango’d

Are you having a Tango sensation? If yes this is for you.

Take some freshly squeezed orange juice and pour it into the base, you can also scratch some of the orange zest and put that into the base also. Now all you have to do is to put some orange tobacco inside the bowl, and get ready to be tango’d.

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